Monday, September 28, 2009

Get It Right the Second Time

I now happily reside next door to a SNES. My life has improved greatly from its presence. This said, I now have a small beef with nintendo:

Original Mario Kart sucks. It's really just terrible. The controls feel clunky and ineffective, battle mode is absolutely abysmal, and it's generally just painful to play. Now, granted, I am being a little quick to judge, given I've only played it once, but the experience was quite powerful. I will give the game credit in that it has all of the fundamentals that were so well executed in 'Kart 64, so as a lousy version 1 that evolved into something beautiful, the game is great.

As a game, it is just straight up bad.

Super Mario Bros, on the other hand, should be a religious experience for me. More on that as details become available, but this week is looking unfriendly, so don't expect anything until the weekend at the earliest.