Monday, December 31, 2007

We've Got a Lot of Bawls

I'm quite a fan of ray surfing. Blooper surfing was good too, but the rumble gives ray surfing a significant edge. It's true OSK had some issues, but now we know what a game over looks like (not very impressive, kind of a let down) but he got there eventually. Other then that, which really wasn't even very bad, we've been slogging along at a good pace. Maybe not really fast, but I think that stars take longer in galaxy then we're used to. Now, first bowser world. Oooooh, armored goombas. And baby bowser... ugh. Although I gotta give him some props for a sick robot here. I think I'm gonna enjoy blowing it up XD

Ships get dolphin escorts, mario gets star bits.

I like the next dome's first galaxy, pretty cool setup. But uh... well I don't really have much else to say at the moment. Bawls have been pulled out of their storage (this happens whenever the night gets old enough, we get a little crazy) so expect some strange stuff from now on. Jeez, I actually really like bawls. Tried some of j_vert's bawls, and they were quite good. Smooth, lightly flavored... I can't quite place the flavor, I think I'll have to try some more.

OSK's short term memory is apparently crap when it comes to mario. Then again, normally it's pretty good, so maybe our bawls are distracting him. Can't blame the man, bawls are good at keeping him up, and ours are no exception, just juicy enough, a little sticky... what?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Snack of Cosmic Proportions

So OSK is about to face a battle fleet. Not really sure what that entails, but I'm hoping for some sick aerial combat, maybe some alien fighter bombers. Probably not gonna be it, but I think it's gonna be sick anyway. Here we go.

Wow... it's more like he's boarding the enemy craft, and he's pwning with some sick cocoanut rebounding moves. Giant lava and muck creature? Gone like the wind.

So, what's with the beesuit? I mean, I enjoy walking along the furry hindside of a giant bee queen as much as the next guy, but cmon. Ahh, whatever, it's just my beeness.

So this is ending up a little too scrambled, so let's see... udalale udalale, si see sea hey. Oh, and by the way: rushian. Shades! PUT ON YOUR SHADES! Whew. Ok, now spin! sweet.
Oh great. Fuzzy ass again. *sigh*

Even better. OSK died (black holes must hurt) and now we have to go through a fourth round of pleasing the queen bee. Mmmmm. At least we'll get a spaceship at some point.

Well, five (5) stars down. Good progress, I suppose. Much left to do, much left to look forward to. Another... wait... wiggler? It IS you! Dude, it's been ages, I mean, ever since tall tall mountain we've been just great friends, and I know we had some problems on that beach place, but that's behind us, and now, honeyhive galaxy? Seems nice, I guess, if you don't mind the bees. And hey, the family looks great too. Y'know, the wedding invitation probably just got lost in the mail, but I really would've loved to be there.

Speaking of throwbacks, we've got another windmill here. It's nice, quaint really.

The Boy is Back

Well, here we are, at the brink of a very good thing. I gotta say, Mario's gone for quite the makeover. Toads carry spears, the village gets wasted at the beginning, but just a few minutes later you're playing hide-and-go-seek with bunnies through fields of grass and flowers.
... riiight. They totally weren't on 'shrooms when they made this.

They kept some things the same though. Peach is still a whore (although less subtle now), she's putting out for mario, bowser is owning n00bs with cool technology (flying ships this time). Oh, and we're listening to kick ass music instead of the actual game sounds. Trust me, way better this way. Plus, with subtitles, we really don't miss anything important.

Some stuff done very well so far. Atmosphere on the first little world. They don't always do it, but the other worlds are either artificial or destroyed husks around a black hole... come to think of it, that probably isn't possible. Whatever, it works.
Also, not sure how I feel about the "star bits" and how you collect them, but at least it they're using the wiimote.

Ok, so the star goddess keeps referring to peach as our "special one". Honey, you can be my special one any time, that peach girl? Forget about her, totally not important to me at all. Honestly, I was getting sick of her anyway. On a completely different topic, do you like to bake?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

and so it Ends.

I just got shine number 114, last shine of the run. The last 6 are blue coin shines, and we don't feel like running around all the levels like chickens with their heads cut off searching for them, so we'll come back later for those. I gotta say, 114 shines in 7 days is none too shabby on it's own. I was pretty worried about the red coin chucksters, but it only took 3 or 4 tries, so I guess it kinda got itself a little owned there. Good stuff.

Wow, we've always said that you really can't miss with that dude but... OSK did this: I'm a chuckster! ... void.

Hes got it. Blues traded in , and the grand total is... 114 shines.

And so it Ends.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Full Circle

And here we find ourselves, back in Bianco Hills, where it all began (if you ignore the airstrip and delfino plaza). Hundred coins here is rumored to be the nastiest, but we'll take it down, just like everything else we've owned tonight... by which I mean this afternoon, evening, and night.

OSK kinda failed a little at the jump-spin-water deal, but he got there.

Yep, he just supersoaked a 'ho for cash. Sweet. Oh yeah, and it's a dude. Forgot to mention that.

Wait a minute... we've had so many issues with yoshi's dying in water, but they can walk a stream or through sprinklers without a problem... riiiight. By the way, yoshi pwns bees. Like no other.

Ughhh... Irving Berlin.

Y'know, this morning we were having some issues, pretty slow going. Slogging through snow, one could say. But we've made quite the comeback, getting all those tougher shines that were giving us trouble, and now, now Bianco Hills hundred coins lies in ruins before our feet. We'll basically in ruins. OSK didn't watch where the shine went when he got the hundreth coin... so now he's searching the level for it. Last time that happened (noki bay) he drowned before he found it. Nice man, nice.

Anyway, only the secret red coins in pianta stand between us and utter domination. And some blue coins (only 58), but that's not as big a concern.

And so this marathon ends, with the final end in sight. There it is!

Poem this

Mario poetry = worst idea ever.

Anyway, we're rapidly running out of shines to get. I'm thinking maybe one more session, and we'll have it all for sure. But uh, yeah, that's basically all I've got to say about that. Wasume wai... wait... fuck you I won't do what you tell me! Wasoomae why!!

So we have 4 hundred coin shines and 2 secret shines left, plus 68 blue coins. That's it. And we started this how long ago? 5 days.

This is...
a) a tasty burger
b) for you
c) a post that's exemplifies the live blogger's creed: "quantity, not quality"

... then again I really shouldn't joke about that, it's a serious problem in our society.

OSK is apparently "going senile already." Once again, his words not mine. *sigh*

We're the renegades of funk. He's a chuckster. Did you know that? He may be small, but he never gives up. Sounds way to disney to me...

A hundred is a lot of coins. Like a LOT. grr.

Gold birds are shines, blue birds are blue coins, red birds are red coins, seagulls are annoying, and green birds are... gold coins? Huh?

100 Shines

100 shines, the hundreth being 100 coins. Oh yeah (Cool-aid guy style).

Cuz we're too Intense to do This more

Damn the noki bay boat. It sucks. Really frustrating to use, and only for blue coins, not a shine, so while one feels accomplished if one's luck is good enough to get them, it's kina like, oh, just a couple of clue coins... meh. Expect more on this as OSK continues his attempts to get the first blue. And even later, when we both come back for the other blue... ugh. Not thinking about that. Or the minor blue coin inconsistency we have. Ok, OSK got it, so that's good.
Now, onto the secret levels with red coins. These... are gonna suck. Not all, some will be outright easy (I <3 the water pack) but the noki bay one... will destroy me.

So hundred coins in sirena beach is gonna take awhile, what with the dueling with gossamer ghouls for it. *jeopardy theme* jeez but this is taking awhile. Wow, if OSK doesn't get it on this try, I'm going to kill him. Seriously. Jesus... reading this I know none of you realize how long it's taking, but trust me, it's taking freakin forever. Ok, after god only knows how many songs (including bascially all of a half hour album) he's finally got it. Methinks I'll do a different shine for this one...

Ok, so naturally OSK died with 99 coins. Nicely done sir. So we're trying a different shine for it. Let's hope this one does better.
Hmm... it's not looking great fun. There should be enough, but not by a very large margin, which is annoying to say the least. Uh oh. 99 coins again... *sigh*

Ok, so we gave up on that, and OSK's doing a secret level red coin shine. Unfortunatly this one is a bitch too, and he's been going long enough that the frustration is throwing him.


Ok, so I'm back after a couple hours (I know, I know, not "live" enough) and we've made very little progress. We've hit the tough ones kiddies, and the goings getting's tough. What do the tough do? Get going of course. And we'll do just that, once sunshine lies beaten and bloodied on the floor. Gotta teach the punk a lesson.

Ok, last bit here: OSK is "trying to get friendly" with a tree... his words, not mine. *sigh*

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Vertically Challenged Marathon

So it's clearly going to be a sick nasty hard set of red coins... until we find one just sitting on the ground in a completely random place. With a blue coin too. Seriously, did you guys run out of ideas? Couldn't stick it hidden in some random spot that was at least kinda clever? Guess not.

So yeah, we begin again (though not to continue for long this time) with the last named star, followed by some investigation/exploration in the plaza, finished with the hundred coin stars. It's gonna be good. By which I mean painful. And time consuming.

Hmmm... this "fluff festival" is highly suspicious. Especially with the fluffs leading to clouds... that go nowhere, and have nothing useful, certainly not the red coins we're searching for. Now, we suspect the fluffs are superfluous entirely. Or maybe not. A few more lives should hopefully show us the way.

Or maybe not. We're still kinda clueless. Now OSK is relearning the finer points of gravity. Sweet man.

Well, that marks the first full album done. What have we accomplished? Well, we've found all of the red coins. OSK got hit by some essence of pwn though, so he's on take 2 to try getting them all at once. Anyway, I do have to give him major props for lucky camera angles. He saw the shadow of a red coin on giant leaves without seeing the coin itself. Also, props to both of us for the last coin. OSK for the assist, calling that they would totally be those guys who put the coin on top of the grating you hang from, and I followed up with spotting the coin itself, and the idea on how to get from below to above. So yeah, what I'm trying to say here is, we rock mario like bowser rocks peace. Wait. I take that back. That could never work.

Ok, so the shine appeared over past the wisps, so they did matter. A sick shine, but tough.

Holy crap, mario pinball is amazing! Like SO cool. Dude. Yeah. Mario pinball. And OSK is getting owned by it. He's getting better (slowly) but it's starting to be pretty ugly. He's actually running out of lives (remember way back when he milked that secret level? Yeah, those rolled over, and they're mostly gone. Ouch).

Ok, it's getting legit bad now. As OSK himself said, "it's really frustrating." Straight from the horse's mouth. They tell me that's a phrase... not sure I believe them, but whatever. The point is, I think we've found OSK's tower secret level. Ok, so OSK finally got a game over (after 12-15 lives or so), and then I got a try. 2 words: first time. I was right, his tower secret level through and through. But now that he's seen it done, it should go more smoothly. Ok, much better already. Yep, he's got it.

Ok, noki bay hundred coins now. Ugh... I'll speak of it not.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Durian? What's a durian? ... Goooooal?

So OSK gets the sick snipe of a pipe in the hills during the final cutscene. Secret level (kinda a strange one too...) with a "red bird of happieness"... okay... well there's a lot of random shit in this place, but we gots it.

It has been decided: supersoaking the bananas is just wrong. Let this judgement be passed upon all who supersoak the banana: you're weird and creepy, and a serious problem in this society.

OSK fails at throwing bananas. The man just has no hands, no hands for the bananas. Instead, he carries grocieries for old fat ladies. Umm... yuck.

I don't geel like talking about it in a bunch of detail (at least right now) but the sewer/manhole system is pretty cool. Oh, and the sick shades and tropical shirt we just got. Mario's styling now.

Hey the airstrip Ms are back! ... with regular coins. Talk about a letdown.

Ugh, swimming with the boost is hard to control... mesa no like. Blerg. Ok, I'm losing coherency. Looks like the smack down is gonna end this marathon pretty soon, but no worries, we should get another good session in tomorrow (I love the 12 hour rule). Until then, wear your tropical shirts and shades with pride. Mario does.

Cuz Im Housin'

Bowser just ate it. Boo. Yah. Actually it was pretty pathetic for the first bowser. Or the last. Gave me some trouble anyway (he does have a habit of doing that) but I took him out in the end, despite 3 glitch deaths. It's actually a really fun shine. That's right, they give you a shine for beating bowser. C'mon, isn't beating him reward enough on it's own? It's really just a cop out for another shine, kinda disappointing in that sense. But still, kick ass level. Like I'd go back for fun, which needless to say, doesn't come up with the last bowser in supermario 64. If I go back to speed run that (which I probably will) I'll consider not even facing him, he's that irritating (and yes, hard).

Ok, time to help OSK with the boat (another really fun part, kinda my best skills at mario with that). As fun as the main bowser fight is, the level leading up to it is even more kick ass. It's amazing. Too short, since you only get the one, but still amazing. Wow, with my directions (thank you kyaking experience) and OSK's mario handling skills, the blue coins in lava are getting rather pwned. I'd love to see a mario master (by which I mean other mario masters of course) try to speed run this part.

Wow, I just got reminded how weird and trippy bowser levels can be. The bowsers (baby and classic) and taking a sauna-like bath in poisonous green goop. Oh and I have to give props to the amazingness of the boost pound. You actually glow red as if you were re-entering the atmosphere. Yeah, it gets you that high up. But anyway, I have dubbed this move the "pwnstick", as in "this is my PWNSTICK!"

Glitch kills are such crap. Seriously. Get it right game designers. Jesus, OSK just ran off the edge. I know I know, I've been pwned by secret levels before, but seriously. Well ok he's also getting glitch killed more, but still, he's doing a little worse then me already, at least in average distance gotten before death. Now's he's trying a new method to not gall off the edge... it's working well. He might get it this time, or certainly one of the next 2-3. Oh yeah, his extra lives roll over, so he's still got over 20. Ok, he got it. Way to be OSK.

Mario: I did it all Peach...
Peach: For me?
Mario: no... *turns to baby bowser"

for you

This is the part where you blog

Epic, part II: The Continuation

So here we are, at the edge of another night of gaming. Supposedly, people are trying to actually get us to sleep this time. Yeah, we'll see how that goes. Anyway, a little background. Today, after far too little sleep for vacation, I dragged myself out of bed, to go help out and make some money. Turns out, this was the best job ever. I got paid great money for a reletively simplistic job, that really didn't take a lot of work (and I didn't even have to work with people too much). So, after a short respite at home, including a 2 hour "nap", I'm back for another go again. I swear, this is the best life every. It's basically the shit. But I'll stop making y'all envious and start talking about mario again.

So, we're cleaning this eel's teeth. It's actually rediculous, he's going to be all happy like and he'll stop polluting the water if we just clean his teeth. After you get it, it reminds you to "remember to take proper care of your teeth!" ... ugh. It's revoltingly family oriented. OSK's kinda not doing so great, he's running out of easy coins to get air back, but I think he'll get it. Heyo, eaten by the eel. Ok, he's got it. Sweet.

Also, a little while ago, we found this nasty blue coin. You have to go to a random, though granted pretty important at other points, on a specific shine (actually several might work, but we're sure some don't) and spray the ground with water until a shine outline soaks through and out pops a blue coin. It's like, what?? Seriously, nintendo is cruel. I'm sure there are so many blue coins like this that we're missing, and finding them is gonna be absolute hell.

Oh and OSK is also kinda getting owned by a wire-riding mario-chasing thingy. Normally he's good with these, but we didn't realize it chased him for a little while. Still, a couple jumps there were pretty pathetic. Holy crap. We just discovered a pair of linked blue coin wall symbols. They weren't there before. Jesus. Ok, OSK got a little more owned, but he's in... god I love secret levels. The genius of it all.

haha, OSK just as much as admitted that he's "handling mario". lolz.

Ok, this secret level is intense. Like, so much more so then any before. And it just won't end. Jesus! He made it! Holy crap. Ok, my turn at the grinding wheel... this is gonna hurt.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lucid? Say what?

Ugh. Giant chain chomp turned gold? ... ok. Sounds completely normal to me. Giant mushrooms underneath the city? Fly to them on a pink dinosaur? Leads to a land of odd blocks suspended in air with people populating them? Ok. Got it. What's next? Getting chucked long distances by said strange people in said strange land? ... sounds dangerous...

56 shines, 119 blue coins. There is some doubt as to how much blue coin shines cost (5 or 10... we're pretty sure it's 5) so we could have as many as 80 shines now. Granted, probably the easiest 80 shines, but considering our experience level, familiarity with game, etc., that's pretty damn impressive, especially considering it's only been about 42 or so hours since we started, of which we've spent... I have no idea how many hours we've spent actually gaming. Coming up on 20 for today, including occasional breaks (less than an hour total). So it's been pretty intense. Basically.

OSK doesn't handle chucksters too well. Granted they're pretty nasty, anything shy of perfection and mario is hurled into oblivion.


Ok, so now it's more like 9:30 a.m. Hmm. Guess I haven't looked at this in awhile. Well, whats new... we've run out of easier stars completely. We found an absolutly cruel hidden shine on the beach. Turns out the blue coins are 10 to a shine, so we've actually only got 71 shines right now (we cashed in the first half of the blue coins, got 7 left over). I'm approaching 24 hours straight awake, and I'm still doing pretty good. Pretty strong going. At this moment, OSK is raping the second secret level for extra lives (somewhere in the neighborhood of 20) before taking another shot at the yoshi island hidden shine. It's nasty in every way, but we've got the first 4 coins down pat pretty much, and almost the extra life too. He's pretty good about getting that, but although the second half should be easier (excepting the jump one) I'm cautiously optimistic at best. We'll see how it goes.

Shines > hallucinogens

So 5 a.m. is rolling by, and we're still going strong. And for that matter, so are the squids, they're really enjoying themselves, and hey, from the back now. Hot. Literally, some of the dudes are on fire. Don't joke about that man, that's a serious problem in our community.


Oh, recent discovery; there are at least 210 blue coins, but we only need 120. So yeah, at some point we'll go back and get the rest of the blues, but not necessarily straight up with the rest of this. So yeah, mario designers are beasts.

Beasts also in the shadow mario stars. The dude can be just plain devious, and nasty to track. We've actually just resorted to restoring game sounds in order to track him better (as you get nearer, the music changes). Wow... so this is why we normally mute it. Jeez, he's frickin hard to keep tabs on, even with music. Probably because there are ghosts hidden as fakes all over the place that activate the music (we think). Damn he's a slipperly one. Startin to get on me nerves here. That's right fatass, run. Run from the water. Ha! Supersoak that ho! SUPERSOAK!!!

Sweet shine man. Sweet shine.

Ok, quick post edit here. They're this sick, the designers. A reletively random crate, the only one in a room that otherwise all the crates just give you fruit, give you a coin. But when you come back later, its got a blue coin. Holy shit.

Plumber turned Dentist

So OSK got asked to clean this giant eel's teeth while underwater, and it got kinda hellish pretty fast, so like all difficult shines so far, we're just avoiding it and doing something else. Which is turning out kinda hard too... and maybe not even possible. Joy.

Wow. So we got there, and found a sick secret level. Tough one too. Sweet opportunities for hover skillz too. Ok, he got pwned, but whatever. Also a chance at some sick supersoaking skillz... which, unfortunatly, OSK apparently lacks. He'll get there, it might take awhile, but he'll get there...

Right, so it's been around 20 minutes, and he's no closer.
... *sigh*. Can I get a bounce?

Ok, so we gave up on both, and hit up a new level. It's actually a really fun first shine, cool concept. Pretty tough, but good and fun. Plus it's finally not sunny and mid-day. Now OSK is getting a stab at it, having some issues like I first did, but once he's adjusted to the fighting style, I think he'll be fine. Yep, he gots it.

Hmm, invisible ghosts. Fun. Now, bringin back classic mario, complete with destroying blocks directly above you by jumping. And OSK just did a me-worthy fail on a spinning gear. Ouch, your pride. Oh, also there's some wall kicking up to block bashing. And I didn't mention the block pounding, temp blocks, bouncing on enemys to jump farther, it's amazing. Tribute to the classics. Oh and on that note, one level is reached like this: after awhile, a bright light shines in a column in one area. Stand there and look up at the sun, and you'll dissappear and be in the level. Sound familiar, my rabid supermario 64 players? Yeah. It's kinda a cool throwback. Hell, we've even got 2D marios scrolling in the background.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Uber Intense Ruins

I'm loving this new level. It's full of ruins with secret passages, with oodles of blue coins. It's been names "blue coin heaven"... although I'm not sure why blue coins need their own heaven...

Holy shit, this place is literally riddled with secret passages. It's amazing. It's intense. Awesome. Amazing. Sweet. Cool. Sick. Spectacular. Nice. This place... yeah.

We're actually starting to think maybe there are more then 120 blue coins, and eventually they run out of shines to trade you for them. If so... jesus. They're either geniuses, or... mad scientists. And not the misunderstood ones, the evil ones that develop superweapons to destroy the world so they can remake the social order. Yeah. Those ones.

Supersomersault that platform. Jump dive? Jump die? Meh, tomato tomato. (thats toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe, for y'all unable to hear my thoughts.

Ok, jesus, this place is frickin HUGE. What? Gooper fuckin blooper?!? AGAIN?! Talk about a twist. It's getting pretty intense, like even more so then before, and the number of easy coins around him is worrying me... he's already harder then before, but is more coming? And...? Pwned. Mario > Gooper blooper. That is all.


Above quote courtesy of buddalicious.

So at the moment we're basically murdering pink newly born yoshis over and over again. We need an orange one, but it just won't hatch that way, so we're killing all the ones we don't want. Which is most. The screams aren't that bad, what with the main volume muted and angry music on in the background. I'll have no problem sleeping tonight.

Secret shines suck. There are two in every level (of which there are 7) and there are zero clues to where they are. We know where the first level's secret stars are--
Ok OSK is being dumb. Whatever, it happens. Probly misses his purple yoshi.
-- ok so we know where the first two secret stars are, but we're rather clueless about where any others are. So, naturally, we're ignoring them. Like we're ignoring the hundred coin shines. Basically, at the end, we're going to hate mario sunshine.

And now... we can't remember where two blue coins I got are, and OSK needs to find them. This is not good. Oh wait, nevermind. Turns out he thought he'd gotten one, but he hadn't. And then I remembered where the other one is. And now OSK is getting pwned by fish. Jesus... he's actually getting killed by fish. It's kinda embarrasing. Not quite rolling-logs-of-doom-with-koops embarrasing, but getting there, and our expectations are higher for him. Cuz he's better. Ok, new camera angle, and he's... THERE!! Sweet. Moving on.

So there's this sweet webcomic buddalicious brought to my attention a little while ago... y'all might enjoy it. I'd post it as an image on it's own, but blogger isn't liking me (and never really has), so I'll just give you the link. So... here it is.

Enjoy that. XD.

Sand and Sky

Just kill yourself, seriously. Emo kids should never play sunshine. It's way too happy. Beaches, "shine" sprites. You even yell SHINE every time you get one. It's very happy and bright with sunshine and ponys and rainbows! Ok, not sure about the ponys, although supposedly we'll get yoshi, and he's kinda like a dinosaur-pony (after all we do ride him), and I figure at some point we'll probably have a level in or on a rainbow, so it works.

Sick! They brought the pipes back! Awesome. And a crazy sick slide. I love this game.

Ever wonder what would happen if you stuck a giant water-powered rocket on mario, had him hold on to a tightrope, and then activate the rocket? The answer is simple. You go zipping around really really fast, and then mario gets thrown off and pwned. hehehe.

hmmmm.... giant watermelon. And needlessly cruel looking juicer. Like seriously, it just looks evil.
And now OSK is supersoaking a shadow 'ho. He just said "come back here, I need to squirt you" or something like that... which is doubly wrong cuz its a shadow version of himself, which is awfully close to incest... or he's self soaking, which is also kinda disturbing.

mmmm... soon we shall dine like the jews on christmas.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Phase 1 complete. Procedeing to stage 2. Code yellow, mark.

Gamecube graphics rock. I'm kinda loving the surface water texturing, it's pretty kick ass. That and the world entrance graphics. They pwn. Unfortunatly, those will be my closing remarks on the night, as midnight approaches and recall commences. So far all ye well, and I shall return tomorrow, with even more epic pwnage of and by mario the beast man, conquerer of Peach's castle, rightfull ruler of the mushroom kingdom, holder of the Sacred Caps, plumber extraordinare.

Maybe not so "Family Friendly"

So OSK just finished distrubing a creature so he could pull off its legs and nose...
but anyway we also just finished getting owned by a couple of secret levels... and now after my shift, I just got completely owned again. More so then last time. Like we're talking 10 minutes, quite a few tracks, and like 15-20 lives. It was brutal. I died a little inside. A lot outside, but a little inside too.

But what else is going on... well not much, what with most of the time being spent getting owned and all... so yeah. Time to rant. I know I don't get a lot of gamecube action and all, but I honestly don't like how it handles. Everything just feels a little... off. It can be hard to halt forward momentum, reflexive counter turning tends to be really excessive (and therefore typically deadly), its kinda like its excessively smooth, but in a short of slipperly, hard to control way. It's like using a mouse that doesn't stop when you stop moving it. I'm sure that it's mostly just a lack of hours spent on the gamecube, but it's still not only annoying, but really frustrating when I'm getting owned.

hehehe, blooper riding. They're funy looking.

Vacation! Wait... what?

So mario's a-goin on vacation with peach. And then there's this funky... pollution? I'm going to go with funky gloop. Rainbow gloop. ugh.

Anyway, the intro took like 5 tracks... each time. That was fun. But we've begun (up to around 10 shines right now) so it's going good. Other then my pathetic showing in the first secret cave that is. But we aren't going to talk about that here. I'd rant about shine sprites again, but it's all been said. They suck.

I'm loving the audience here though. They probly won't last (in that the cool ones are all going back home) but we'll stay here together in solidarity. Ok, it's actually a good thing some of them are leaving... but I digress. Mario. Right.

Ok I take it back, shines are not quite as bad as fat ass plants and sludgies.
Oh and there's another countdown. 120 blue coins. Jeez those things are EVERYWHERE. It's kinda crazy, not to mention hard to keep track of.

Secret levels= amazing (ly hard, but still amazing). If galaxy is these over and over again, its gonna rock. Wee trippy space levels, with nothing supported, but we still have gravity! Hold on... there are trees here... how does that work?

Ok, go time for me to go back to the grinding wheel. Until soon.

The Final Countdown

120 stars. 8 days. Which will hit zero first? Only time will tell.

And so it begins...

Monday, December 10, 2007

I am but a candle in the wind.

The cosecant's connected to the cotangent's connected to the radius is connected to the cosine is connected to the sine is connected to the secant's connected to the tangent's connected to the radius is connected to the other radius.

Citing of quotes goes after the double flying commas, but don't forget to just put author's last name and page number, no abbreviation for page, and for god's sake don't use block quotes when a couple sentences will do. Get a rough draft in before hand, but use every last minute you can spare to study for the tests. Right! the tests...

Reconstruction went through 5 different plans, culminating in congressional reconstruction, which gave its death call with the compromise of 1877 and the election of republican Hayes to the presidential office. Don't mix up the Homestead Act and the Morill Land Grant act, and for that matter remember to look up which is which.

2 days... must survive 2 more days without leaving bad take on dumb bone song as only legacy...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fact Time Revisited

Last time we looked at the number "five." This time, despite there being 3 days left, we're going to talk about something completely different.
Specifically, we're going to talk about wikipeida.

Now I could go on and on about wikipedia's usefulness for early research, general knowledge, arguement resolving, etc., but instead I'm going to look at wikipedia's long, often twisted history.
Wikipedia is the modern day library of Alexandria, so despite being founded just shy of 7 years ago, their history is truely 2300 years old. Near the beginning, China attempted to block the insidious encroachment (the political efforts were supposedly due to the encyclopedia monopoly's bribing of government officials). Despite the great country's efforts, wikipedia plowed through them in a mere 2 weeks. A little over a year later, China made a second attempt to force wikipedia out; again failing. As of today, it is widely acknowledged that all of China is in fact under indirect wikipedia rule, and rumor has it that by 2010 it will be renamed the "Republic of Wiki."

Officals responded with this: "Wikipeida is great. All hail Wikipedia."

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hi. I'm here to talk to you about jesus.

ahahahaha. But seriously, I'm here to talk about faith. Faith in others. Faith in jesus. You see, there's less then an hour left in today, and all of you concerned readers (yay plural!) must be worried. Will jesus return? Does he even know the day it is? Does jesus take saturdays off? Just imagine what would happen if jesus didn't show up today. Despair would reign, but those with faith shall not despair, for they know that jesus will always be with them.

What this all comes down to is my ground breaking announcement: the first coming is nearly upon us. I'm sure you're wondering how you have faith in jesus before the first coming. The reason is you're just that faithful. So keep the faith, and you will be saved.

-The Prophet of Jesus

First Coming: 4 days.
Second Coming: 22 days.
Spiritual Fufillment through video games: priceless

Friday, December 7, 2007

Fact time

So I was thinking about the number 5 just now, and I realized I know very little about it. It's always just kinda been a number to me. Of course, I can't leave that be now (mostly because I'm bored) so I did some research, and here it is:

5 (five) is...

thought to be the only odd untouchable number,
in base ten, the 1-automorphic number,
one of only two prime denominators of vulgar fractions that can be written as decimals without infinite repetitions.

Also, the roman numeral for 5 is V, which comes from an outstretched hand (okay...),
5 is the lightest atomic mass for which no stable isotopes occur for any element, and
Five is also the number of days left in the countdown.

But just for kicks, here's a list of dude's who did something that five fits in to (solution, set, pairing, whatever)


... mathmaticians have some strange names...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Totally not a countdown

So, this is not a countdown post. It is, in fact, exactly the opposite, which is to say it's definetly a post about something else. Really, I'm serious. More serious than Al about man bear pig for the first time. So, you know, super super serial.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One Week, Mario style

How can I help it if I think you're funny when you're mad
Trying hard not to smile though I feel bad
I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a bo-omb
Can't understand what I mean?
Well, your mom!
I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve
I have a history of taking off my cap

It's been one week since you looked at me
Threw your arms in the air
and said "mama mia"
Five days since you jump-pounded me
I've still got grass stains in both my feet
It's been three days since the afternoon
You realized it's not my fault
I put in the correct electrical signals
Yesterday you'd forgiven me
And now I sit back and wait til you say "let's a go!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Countdown Redux

9 days...

(shout out to j_vert for the idea on this one. The man's a genius, I just don't know how he does it.)

Sunday, December 2, 2007