Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do Your Research: A Cautionary Tale

Mount moon, and the next member of my party is... a geodude! Hallelujah! Some sleep powder and even leveled mankey low kicking, and she is mine. Of course, I've got two level 8s now, which I really ought to level more... somewhere without poison pointed nidorans and poison stinging weedles. *sigh*

Mount moon was... kinda dull. Healing often, got a bunch of items, some nice leveling up. Took the helix fossil, in case I feel like grabbing omanyte later. Route 4 was a choice for new pokemon though: wait for now, and come back to grab a water type (very good shot at a krabby, which I've never used before) or go into the grass now, and risk a 35% shot at a spearow? I could really use a flyer, and I figure I can catch a water type inside most cities (nothing else to do there but fish) so I'll try for the grass.

Nope. Rattata. Guess I've got a back up now, and although the extra mankey came in use awfully quickly, I'm really hoping to keep my current rattata. I like him.

... dammit. Emotionally bonded already. This is definitely going to end poorly...

Oh, in other news, roommate-boy (aka premature ejection) beelined it for misty. I guess he forgot that gym leaders are often 10 levels above the surrounding pokemon, and the stuff in mount moon was only a few levels behind him already. Oh, and remember how he took charmander? At this point, without bulbasaur, you really don't have anything with type effectiveness, so you gotta be doubly careful to overlevel. So anyway, he went in with L23 charmeleon, L16 butterfree, and L16 magikarp (tackle FTW). So butterfree knocks out the L21 staryu. Good start, but they have a fairly strong move called "water pulse."

Aaaaand there's the L21 starmie. Charmeleon tries to get a mega punch in, and does maybe 20% damage at most. Of course, starmies are known for speed, and the only reason that first hit got in at all is that he had 2 HP left. Butterfree takes a hit and hits back, but goes down after the second. And just like that, he's got no one left at a high enough level to take a hit, and starmie is well over half health. A few brutal rounds later, and the whole party is KO'd.

Game over man. Game over.

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