Sunday, May 27, 2012

Take it like a Drill

Hoping to put my bad luck behind me, I'm aiming for another pokemon on route 25. It's got the same rates in the grass as 24, so why not? Same reasons apply.

Oooooh, found an abra this time. I'm a bit worried, since it can use a move on the round it wakes up, which will be teleport. I pop a successful sleep powder, he stays asleep. I know I've got 1-4 rounds of this, which is very very little. One confusion move does about 30% damage, it stays sleeping. Not worth risking any more, so I throw the pokeball and NAIL it! About time my luck changed.

All set to take on misty. But first, the State of the Party! L22 wartortle, L21 butterfree, L20 raticate, L19 geodude, L16 kadabra. The strategy is this: lead with butterfree against the staryu. Sleep powder, then confusions until I get the KO. Switch out for wartortle (for the protection from water attacks) and take advantage of starmie's half-psychic type with bite attacks. If wartortle doesn't win that slugfest (or butterfree has trouble getting sleep powder to take), raticate is backing up with hyper fang. He can take at least one hit coming out of the ball, and with STAB hyper fang has 120 base power, same as wartortle's bite (thanks to type effectiveness). Here goes!

Hehehe... totally forgot there are other gym trainers in here. I guess I'll try out wartortle and see how he fairs. Yep, he and butterfree are gonna be fine. Ok, actually taking on misty now. Butterfree doesn't even get hit, despite misty's super potion. Wartortle gets knocked down to about 1/3 health by a crit, but its only moments before he finishes off starmie. Two badges down, six to go.

Route 9 to the east is blocked, and route 5 won't quite get me to Saffron city yet, so I'll have to take the underground path. But first, as always, it's new pokemon time! Route 5 is going to be good to me. The possibilities are pidgey, meowth, and bellsprout. Meowth would be an interesting pick, and the other two would will plug holes in the party.

It's a meowth. Probably the least directly useful, but certainly kinda cool. Only level 14, so he'll need some work, but another dude with bite is always nice.


flapjack said...

That's pretty ballsy leaving wartortle out there with only 1/3 health...if you lose him it's gonna be a tough, tough game.

dr_koopon said...

He had much more health, but lost initiative. After he took the crit, he was down to 1/3, but his attack that round finished off starmie. Otherwise you're absolutely right: no way I'd leave him out that hurt against something that fast.