Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paranoid Pokemon Pose Preventable Problems

Ok, a quick state of the union. Level 13 squirtle and rattata are my main boys, ready to bring the house down on Brock (once I get there). Butterfree's sittin' pretty at level 12. Looking to level her a bit more for sleep powder, for sealing the deal on catching what I can. Mankey's bringing up the rear at level 7, but she's got some real potential. Time to hit up viridian, with antidotes spilling out my bag.

Pretty easy on the whole it turns out. Butterfree's wrecking of poison types is more than enough, so I cleared the entire forest in one go. Pewter city, and an easy badge, await.

Stupid mankey is too low leveled to even handle the gym trainer. I don't really want to risk poison costs to train in veridian, so squirtle will just get me through this. Yep, one hits both of brock's guys. Time for trainers, and the massive xp they represent. Also, a new pokemon on route 3...

I'm kinda hoping for a pidgey. I could use a flyer, but odds are I won't get a spearow (and I use those normally anyway). Another rattata would be a bit disappointing, and jigglypuff is kinda underpowered. Drum roll please... oh. huh. Another mankey. Well... that's sorta meh. This ones higher level than my first, so I won't use it unless disaster falls. I guess I just have to hope I don't end up with a zubat from mount moon now.

So there's a lass on this road with a jigglypuff. I lead with rattata, but after a quick nip, he falls in love with her!! Not a good sign. Fortunately, he was more than happy to finish her off and beat her into unconsciousness. Ok, maybe not fortunately, given that my rattata probably has some serious emotional issues.

NOOOOOOoooooo!!! Foolish power leveling of mankey went horrible awry. I figured he could take an under leveled spearow. I forgot about critical hits. My very first loss... not feeling it too too terribly though. I did already have another mankey, although she started at a higher level, but that's fine. A good lesson learned, at not too high a cost. Still... critical hits suck. I have a bad feeling that they'll come back to haunt me again someday.

Some safer power leveling of the new mankey, then mount moon. Apparently I've got a 69% chance of getting a zubat on floor 1, so I might as well resign myself to that now.

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